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Hey there! I hope you’re here because you are looking for some beautiful photos of yourself.

Do you want a nice photo to add to Facebook? Or how about to your LinkedIn profile? Are you building a blog and need a quality “About” photo of yourself? I can help with that!

Was the last ‘best’ picture of you at your wedding? Or at someone else’s wedding? Has it been more than four years since someone took a flattering photo of just you with a real camera? Don’t get me wrong, smartphones can do many things, including taking fun photos…but there’s nothing like a photograph taken with a real camera by someone who knows what they’re doing. I can do that for you!

First, we’ll select the right location and time of day. Depending on the look you’re going for, we could do a grassy field, or the middle of downtown, or something in between. You can bring a few layers to change up the looks–like a blazer, a scarf, a different top.

Remember that our session is first and foremost no pressure. So we’ll take our time, exploring the location (if we’re outside), and we’ll go to different spots and try different poses. I will guide you and help you, so you don’t have to worry or stress. I have a few corny jokes I can share too, so that you can crack a genuine smile. (I need more in my arsenal, though–I’d love for you to tell me your favorite silly joke!)

One to two weeks after the session, you’ll see your images either in person or on a gallery. It’ll only be your best photos–generally there will be 15-20 to choose from. One digital image is included with your session, and you can of course purchase additional images if you like. Those chosen images will be retouched (not heavily! no one wants to look like an alien!) and sent electronically in several sizes for your convenience.

Again, my job is to help you look your best, so you can share that fabulous self with the internet and the world! Contact me today to schedule your session.


Linda has been a mediator in Portland for twenty years. She is dependable and knowledgeable, but her website was out of date. While she worked with a designer to update it and streamline it, she decided to get some new photos! We did two sets of mock client meetings (which involved a lot more laughter and silliness than real mediation sessions do) and a few individual headshots, all in her actual office. The photos turned out great–showing future potential clients exactly what their experience with Linda will look and feel like so they will begin trusting her even before they meet her in person.

CJ is a successful and busy woman, and she wanted some portraits done to show her looking her best, capturing her friendly, warm personality. During our session we wandered around the Pearl, which is one of my favorite Portland headshot locations. There are so many gorgeous textures, backgrounds, looks–tons of greenery, the stone in Jamison Square, new brick, old brick, urban scenes with shops and streetcars. Something for everyone. 🙂  It was a fun session and we created so many beautiful images of CJ!